Terms and Conditions

Arrivals and Departures: Check-in is from 13 p.m. until 14 p.m. and check-out is at 12 p.m. at the reception desk. If you’re late to check out, then you’ll be asked to pay for another night.

Identification: Please make sure to bring a valid photo identification with you, preferably a passport, government issued ID card, or driving license.

Café Payment: Guests are expected to pay for food or drinks ordered before leaving the building. We do not accept tabs.

Payment: No deposit is currently required for bookings. Payments for reservations are made upon check-in Euros or Iranian Rials and the currency rates we use are derived from exchange offices, not the central bank.

Cancellation: In case of a cancellation, kindly inform us via e-mail ([email protected]) or Call (+989121510861) 48 hours before check-in so that we can accommodate other travelers.

Room Keys: Private room guests will be given a key after check-in. Please hang your keys behind the reception desk before you exit the hostel. If you lose your keys, there will be a 2€ fine for replacement.

Guest Behavior: The comfort, safety and security of our guests is really important to us. Any guest(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety, or security of other guests, staff, or local residents will be asked to leave the hostel premises and will not be given a refund. Guests are expected to respect other guests as well as staff, local residents, and property.

No Smoking: Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building. Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area in the outdoor garden.

No Drugs and Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol and drug use is illegal in Iran. Any guest found using either, will be asked to leave the premises immediately. A refund will not be issued.

Personal Property: The RestUp Hostel staff will not be held responsible for any lost items.

Dress Code: The law in Iran requires women to wear a headscarf and a long-sleeved long dress with pants or a skirt covering down to the ankle. It’s fine for men to wear t-shirts, but in public, sleeveless tops and shorts are not allowed. Wearing sandals is acceptable for both men and women. Please adhere to the dress code of the country in the public spaces of the hostel.

Eating Spaces: We serve a variety of Iranian food at RestUp Hostel, but in case you prefer to have your own food, please refrain from eating them in the bedrooms and instead enjoy them in yard.

Internet: All guests and staff at the hostel share the same internet connection and in Iran bandwidth is still very low; so please avoid downloading big files such as movies, music and such.